The Inter Edge -Volume Three/Issue Three/1996


Publicación especializada en comunicación interpretativa, con muchas aplicaciones a la actividad turística de naturaleza y cultural. Esta escrita en un ingles fácil por los tecnicismos. Editada por John Veverka, uno de los gurús en el tema.

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The International Journal on Innovation. Thecnology, and Cutting Edge Thought for Interpretive Comunication

Inside This Issue

From the Editor                                               5

Welcome New InterEdge Editor                  7

Managing Change in Chaning Times         8

By Melanie Barnett

Novalloy Metal Micro-imaging                      10

By Jim Peters

Primitive Skills Interpretation                     12

By John P. Schmidt

Engraved Stone                                               16

By Majorie Thomas

Cleveland Metroparks Naturetracks Brings Parks to People          18

By Marjorie Thomas

Is Interpretation Being Confused With “Information”?       19

By Arturo Crosby, InterEdge Editor, Spain

The Deam Wilderness Interpretive Program  20

By Sean Marsan and Doug Knapp 

Creating the Right Desing Team                  25

By Ron Yeo, FAIA 

Heritage Tourism in the NYS Heritage Areas System           28

By Marcia Osterhout Kees

Video as an Interpretive Tool                      32

By Bill Levinson

Teaming with Wildlife                                    35

By Debroah Richie

The PACEsetter Zagas                                   37

By William C. Beckner



Discovering the US Army Corps of Engineers: A personal Perspective    40

By Elisa Pellicciotto

Transformation of Barrow Pit                     44

By Vergial Harp

Fish Shelters for Fish Protection                 47

By Kristine N. Brown

Soaring with the Eagles                                 48

By Mark Willis

Get a Patner!                                                   50

By katheleen J Anderson

Urban Outreach – Reaching Our Goals Together       52

By Kim Baker and Elvina “Vinnie” Ewing-Gibbings

Heritage Days                                                 54

By Dennis Wallace

From Flood to Field Trip                                 56

By Greg Wurst

Paintsville Lake´s Mountain Homeplace    58

By Paige Cruz

The 1800s Come Alive in Kansas                 60

By Ken Wilk

Patners Working for Wildfile                       62

By Michael D. Currie

When You Run Out                                          64

… of food, Water and Shelter, Everything Will Die

By Dave Dutton

Adverstiser Index  66

The Inter Edge -Volume Three/Issue Three/1996

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