The Inter Edge -Volume One/Issue Three/1994


Publicación especializada en comunicación interpretativa, con muchas aplicaciones a la actividad turística de naturaleza y cultural. Esta escrita en un ingles fácil por los tecnicismos. Editada por John Veverka, uno de los gurús en el tema.

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The International Journal on Innovation. Thecnology, and Cutting Edge Thought for Interpretive Comunication

Inside This Issue

From the Editor 5 Designers, Academics and the Need for a Commom “Language”

By Erich Kadow York, United Kingdom


WindReach Farm – Interpretation for Special Needs Group

By Catherine Gillespie


7 It Was In The Cards!

By Scott R. Ford

Welcome to New Editors

By Becca Hanson, David Roberts and Laura Mumaw


8 The Role of Interpretation in the New York Heritage Area System

By Marcia Osterhout Kees

A 5000 Year Old Culture is Poised and Ready for Interpretation

By John Veverka and Ju-Hee Lee


10 InterpEdege to Offer Section for “Referred Research” Articles!

By IE Editor John Veverka


Chief Cook and Bottle Washer! Interpreting History from a Different Point of View

By Debra Reid



13 Building Outdoor Enviroments That Serve as an Interpretative Resource

By Serena Shapiro


High Tech Slideshows – Putting a New Twist on an Old Technology

By Ron Walker


16 Porcelain Enamel Outdoor Interpretive Panels: What You Get is More Than You See

By Marck Winsor


Rent A Rambling  Naturalist

By Wil and Sarah Reding

19 What Happens  When Your Interpretive Feature  Melts?

By Don Follows


An Overview of the 1994 International Seminar on Enviromental Interpretation and Rural Tourism Conference- Pamplona, Spain

By Arturo Crosby

20 Millstone Bluff: Heritage Resource Protection Using Public Interpretation

By Daniel R. Haas

Interpretation as a Management Tool

By John Veverka


22 Designing Up to ADA

by Kevin Ryden and Elizabeth Bumpas


Activity Finder: A System to Locate Natural Resource Education Materials

By Angela Higgs

26 Professional Development Opportunities for Learning How to Obtain Visitor Input

By Stephen C. Bitgood


Please Touch! Designing Tactile Models and Exhibits for Visually Impaired Visitors

By Rebecca Fuller

28 Can Interpretive Exhibitions Change People´s Perception of an Ecosystem?

By Stephen Bitfood, Arlene Benefiels and Sherri Lankford


The PACEsetter Zagas: What is a Zaga? Interpreting Management Practices

By William C. Beckner


32 It May Be Classified but It´s Not a Secret Anymore
Talking Trails: Innovation with Simplicity Gives Nature a Boost

By Bill Wernsing



The Inter Edge -Volume One/Issue Three/1994

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